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Plato’s Reading Responses

1. How many chairs are in Kosuth’s artwork? Explain your answer.

There are three chairs in Kosuth’s artwork, the definition of chair, the painting of a chair and the actual chair. As said in Plato’s excerpt, I gathered three different ideas of the types of workmen there could be. There is a creator, the person who makes the idea or object come to life and the imitator. From Kosuth’s exhibit, its not hard to tell which chair matches with each title. The actual wooden chair is from the workman who makes things based on other peoples creations; like a chair, which was invented centuries ago, no one can really pin point where this invention or idea originated from. So the production or makeup of a chair is based off of a creation that was acquired before humans were even language oriented. The definition of the chair, came off as being the original creation, the thing that first defined what a chair might be. Because a definition is based off of facts and what is true, its not hard to believe that the creator of a chair, the original mastermind behind this mass produced creation, came up with something so intricate and universal. Lastly, the painting represented the imitator. The person who bases their artistic abilities off of past structures or ideas. Even though all three of these categories are extremely different, they have a similarity in that they all depict a different version of a common chair, which is a misconception for most who believe my theory to be wrong.

2. Which, if any, would Plato consider the real chair (the photograph, the wooden chair, the dictionary definition, or none of them)? Explain your answer.

Since Plato’s language is a little different in word usage than what I am used to, it was hard for me to decipher what it is Plato thinks to be an actual or imitated object. If I were to guess, based off of my observations and notes, I would assume that Plato’s real chair  is the dictionary definition of a chair, not because it was born first but because a chair is exactly that definition. Since Plato tends to be correct in his observations on his man made/ naturalistic approach, its obvious that reading the definition of a chair is almost as visually indicative as an actual chair, I can almost feel the imaginable chair better than the actual chair.

I Kissed a Girl and I liked it?

Throughout my short life, flirting with girls has not been an art that I’ve mastered. I can say that I’ve experienced a lot of things, but this weekend was the first time I have ever had to bat my eyelashes at someone of the same sex so many times. I have always thrown around the idea of joining a sorority but I never actually thought I’d go through with it….or even enjoy it.  As of this weekend, I can honestly say that rushing a sorority isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, especially because of all the horror stories I had heard. Prior to this weekend, I was so unsure of whether or not I wanted to join, but after much debate I decided doing it would be better than not doing it; I only get to do college once, so I figured trying out everything wouldn’t kill me!

I was surprised at how many new people I was able to meet during the first two rounds of recruitment. Since all potential new members (aka ME and the rest of the freshman class) were new to the process of rushing, it was nice being surrounded by girls who all felt the same nervousness and jittery-fidgets that I was feeling.  I made new friends from my rush group (which consisted of 40+ girls) whom I would have never met if it weren’t for this sorority craze. As there is always that one cracked egg inside that one dozen-egg carton, there were few among the many rushing that I saw myself never talking to again. The stereotypical sorority B**** wasn’t a common personality among the ladies of whom I rushed with, but when I did come across one, I laughed to myself, because those girls were the reason why I contemplated never rushing in the first place. Although there were some bad seeds in the bunch, I found myself having a lot of fun and carrying on good conversations with the ladies I stood in the freezing snow with as we waited for each chapter house to open their door to us.

It’s nice to know that not all rumors you hear are true, especially since a majority of the sororities I liked were the ones of which I heard the worst rumors. Now that I have gone through 48 hours of intensive, exhaustive rushing, I have a much better understanding of which sororities are ones that I would see myself best in. Since I am half way done with the rush process, I am starting to have to narrow down my choices a bit. Just like at every other college, potential new members are convinced from the beginning that there is that one special house for them even if they wanted a different house, and whichever house they get a bid from, is most likely the house that fits them best. I want to believe this as true, even though after just the first day I knew which ones I wouldn’t fit the mold for. I will only pledge if I absolutely LOVE THE SORORITY!

They say that your sorority sisters are your sisters for life. They are your family, the ones who will be bridesmaids in your wedding and backpacking buddies on your trips around Europe. I hope the whole package, the actual time spent in a sorority, is all they make it out to be, because it would be a bummer to pledge for a sorority that I end up hating later on in my four years of college. However, so far, I am very optimistic and positive towards the whole idea of being apart of such a tight knit group. I hope that the philanthropy, social aspect, academics, and tight bonding is all its cracked out to be. Since I am half way done with this nail-biting process, I only have two more days of intense girl flirting, thankfully! So I guess in seven days, the indicator of whether or not recruitment was a success will be based on my apparel, depending on if I am sporting my chapter letters or not!