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Sketches for DOLLA DOLLA


Brain Waves — Memo


Sometimes I sit and ponder weird things. This happens on a regular basis, on a bad or good day, when I am on a jog or just sitting in my bed. I analyze things and come up with questions that most people probably don’t know answers to. Consider the following:


Why do we have eyebrows?

How exactly is homework beneficial for a student, besides driving them insane?

Why do we have 5 fingers and toes?

Why is it that most people shrink with age?

What would the world be like if dogs could talk?

Why don’t we ride on horse and carriages anymore?

Why do we use utensils to eat food, are hands sufficient?

How come futbol in England refers to a sport played with feet and not hands?

Why do girls paint their fingernails?

Why isn’t it Mardi gras everyday?

Is there a reason why Syracuse can’t stay warm for more than a day?


…Some of these questions run through my brain on a regular basis, amongst many others. There are so many things in life that are considered tradition or the norm, but no one knows why it is we do/react to these traditions. Sometimes when I am doing work, I just sit and think about why it is I am doing something that I don’t love. If it isn’t art, I usually don’t have time/am not enthused when learning about it. I find it annoying when my life or my day doesn’t turn out how I planned. Ideally, I would love to live on a beach and make art all the time. When I am in a relaxing environment, my brain wanders, and comes up with ideas that would be unimaginable in an institutional atmosphere. I tend to think INSANELY OUT OF THE BOX, in the summer time when I am not pressured with work or school.


I like it when my brain wanders, I hate feeling tied down by authority and rules. Its almost as if people are helping me think, almost to the point where my imagination is hindered. It is important to me that I stay true to my ideas and recognize my natural brain activity. I need to let my soul and mind run free.


WHEN I AM A GROWN UP, I want to be free.