This past weekend, my mom, brother and cousin came to visit me. It was my cousin’s – a Syracuse wannabe since birth – first time up here; all the crazy fraternity day parties blew him away on Saturday afternoon that consumed Walnut Street. They arrived late on Friday and my cousin forced me to stay in my dorm room with him, instead of the nice hotel bed so that he could “experience a dorm for the first time.” I felt bad for not hearing of any parties or things going on, so instead we had some drannnnkkk in my room with one of my best friends Rebecca. This went on for a while and at 3 am; I was too tired to move. Rebecca was unable to get into her room, so she decided to stay in my roommate’s bed. Her phone was dead, so I let her use mine so that she could text her roommate. I guess I passed out, because when I woke up, she was gone, and so were all my contacts, texts, bbms, and saved data in my phone.


I was unsure of what happened or caused the wipe out of everything stored on my phone. I originally had a password that you had to enter in order to get into my phone and what I had assumed was that Rebecca put the wrong password in too many times – even though I told her a million times what my lock code was – and it ended up erasing everything. I wasn’t that upset, I hate technology and especially hate phones so it was a nice break, but I was upset that it had deleted my whole calendar that held all the times for my meetings and interviews coming up. So pretty much I had no more numbers for anyone, not even my parents, and I was supposed to meet up with people later on.


Although I used to be obsessed with the blackberry, this incident along with many others, have caused me to like the blackberry less and less each day. The font is too small, and there are too many gadgets that I don’t understand how to use.


My dad has the iphone, and I am convinced that the Iphone is the phone I am supposed to have. Touch screen is difficult for me, but I think I would get the hang of it if I played with it for a while. I am not sure why the iPhone is more appealing to me at the moment, but because we have Sprint, I could never have the iphone unless I switched to my dads At&t plan through his office, which I’m not even sure is allowed.


Phones have gotten to be so intricate and intense, it almost defeats the purpose of a phone for me. I think the phones are so crowded and accessible now, it creates a block in relationships due to constant texting, surfing the web and not listening to those around us because we are always too preoccupied with the latest App.


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