My whole life I imagined myself living in a small town, on a farm once I established myself as an artist. A lot of my cousins talk about living in the BIG CITY when they grow up, being in the center of such a fast paced culture is appealing to a lot of people. I never felt the urge to live in New York City until my most recent trip where I visited the MET. I grew up in the National Galleries in DC, visiting all the museums and landmarks regularly. I never appreciated these places until I started becoming serious about art. The MET is a museum I had always dreamt of visiting. I’ve learnt about a lot of the paintings and works of art exhibited in the galleries through classes and documentaries, but I hadn’t actually ever seen any of them in person. The MET has so many of the paintings Ive been drooling over for ages. I never appreciated landscapes until I saw The Heart of The Andes painting in the American Landscapes gallery. It was unbelievable in person- the detail was so exact, everything was crisp and perfect, it was as if I was staring at a photograph. I probably stood, staring at the painting for an hour. When I am in museums like the MET, I can’t help but feel like a chicken with my head cut off. There is so much to see, it’s a maze in there. I was running around making sure I hit the contemporary gallery, landscape, modern art, international, etc.  I had always wanted to see a Chuck Close painting in person – HOLY CANNOLI, its no lie that his pieces look exactly like photographs, its so perfect to the point of eeriness. I was blown away by artists like Giacometti and Matisse and Seurat and everyone else who I had grown up envying and admiring. I was upset at the allotted time I had to spend at the MET, I didn’t get to see nearly all the I wanted to see. Besides being at the MET, I also walked around Madison and park ave, checking out the stores and eating good food. I went inside the Betsey Johnson store and nearly dropped dead at her garment creations. I ate one of the best brownies I had ever tasted. I perused along the street, checking out all the art from the vendors hoping to make quick cash off of their prints and watercolors. I love the hustle and bustle of NYC, it makes me feel sane with the chaotic atmosphere. I almost cried when I left it felt so good to be in the city. It made me wonder if I wanted to live in NYC for a couple years when I was older in a studio apartment where I could make my art and sell it on the street like all the other artists do. NYC really is the center for contemporary culture, it is so alive and free, the artistic atmosphere is almost magical in a sense. I LOVE NYC!!!!


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