Look Ahead

Heyyyy EM!!

I heard the great news. WOW YOU GOT A FULL RIDE TO U Of P. That’s soooooo exciting!! When I heard you were thinking about not accepting their offer for a full scholarship, I felt no other choice but to write you to explain to you how big of a mistake you would be making. I know choosing a college is a VERY hard decision, and that there are more factors that play a role in the process of deciding than our parents, friends, and anyone else will ever be able to understand. The thought of being 4 hours away from home, your boyfriend and your family, is a little scary at first…but trust me EM, IT IS MORE THAN WORTH IT IN THE END. Nowadays, college is what lands people job offerings and success in the future, and with U of P’s offer, you have the opportunity to be that successful. Since May 1st is right around the corner, I want you to consider just a couple things:

  1. Would you really be happy spending 4 years at a community college, when you have the chance to experience not just an amazing education, but a well rounded college experience with sports, clubs, future connections at your fingertips, etc?
  2. If you and your boyfriend are meant to be, nothing, not even 4 hours, would be able to effect the relationship and bond you two have built. The distance would be a testament to the strength and love you have found in each other.
  3. From someone who has experienced freshman year, I can honestly say, IT FLIES BY, and with more than 3 breaks, it almost seems you are home more than you are at school. Family can visit on parents weekend and on weekends when you are feeling homesick, because in reality 4 hours really isnt that far away.
  4. YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, SMART, DRIVEN, AND ONE OF THE MOST GENUINE PEOPLE I HAVE EVER KNOWN, and I know you would be an amazing asset to the U of P undergraduate class. Don’t let being scared of what you are leaving behind, stop you from fulfilling and pursuing your dreams.

Emily, its been in your plan to go to college since you were little. Not everyone is as fortunate as you, and not everyone is granted a full scholarship to the University of their choice. I WISH I had received a full ride to Cuse, I got a small scholarship and am grateful for the little bit of tuition my family doesn’t have to pay, but you, you have it all sitting their right in front of you, SO GRAB IT.

The idea of living alone, far from your loved ones, is a really scary thought, but I know you are worth every dime that University is throwing at you. GIVE THEM A RUN FOR THEIR MONEY, SHOW THEM WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF, Please Em, don’t sell yourself short, don’t take the short road when you have potential of SO MUCH MORE. I am very proud of your accomplishments and am soooo excited for you and your graduation. I just worry that you will regret not going to U of P if you choose the life you are living now, over the life that is waiting for you in the future. I know if on May 1st, you choose to go to U of P, you wont regret it. I love you so muchhhh cousin!!!!!! You make everyone around you so proud. Really take the time to think about this serious decision, and don’t short change yourself. XOXOXO miss you (I want to visit very sooon.. ) ❤ always and forever,



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