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its over.

It’s my last week of school, final week, and I am having trouble comprehending how fast freshman year flew by. It went by so fast that I am having trouble remembering all that I’ve done since I’ve been here. Before coming to Syracuse, I was scared that I wasn’t going to find my niche here, but a year later, and I am loving my friends, my work, and the atmosphere on which I surround myself. As I sit and look back on this past year, I can’t help but reflect on some of the best and worst times I’ve had yet.

1. “bar-mitzvah” style partying at AEPI.

2. Ah-mazing waffles from funk-n-waffles.

3. landing my video in Spark Gallery

4. joining AEPHI

5. 4/20. enough said.

6. my AWESOME friends

7. taking my first oil painting class … and liking it!

8. gaining freshman 20 😦

9. living on my own, making my own decisions.

10. spending WAYYYY too much MONEY

11. teaching sculpture to kids at Grant Middle School

12. declaring sculpture as my major

13. all the fights and make-ups with my roomate


15. failing my first design history test… but passing the class with a B+

16. going to the MOMA AND MET for the first time!

17. studying more than ever

18. pulling more all nighters than I can count on my hands and toes.


Just a few of the things I remember from this past year. Man I can’t believe its almost summer — finally no work and some sleep! Although I am sooo happy its summer, I can’t deny the fact that I will miss school, my friends, and the experience a lot. I am looking forward to sophomore year, new room, new roomate, new start! 🙂 I know each year will get better and better here, SO EXCITED!!!! 🙂


Look Ahead

Heyyyy EM!!

I heard the great news. WOW YOU GOT A FULL RIDE TO U Of P. That’s soooooo exciting!! When I heard you were thinking about not accepting their offer for a full scholarship, I felt no other choice but to write you to explain to you how big of a mistake you would be making. I know choosing a college is a VERY hard decision, and that there are more factors that play a role in the process of deciding than our parents, friends, and anyone else will ever be able to understand. The thought of being 4 hours away from home, your boyfriend and your family, is a little scary at first…but trust me EM, IT IS MORE THAN WORTH IT IN THE END. Nowadays, college is what lands people job offerings and success in the future, and with U of P’s offer, you have the opportunity to be that successful. Since May 1st is right around the corner, I want you to consider just a couple things:

  1. Would you really be happy spending 4 years at a community college, when you have the chance to experience not just an amazing education, but a well rounded college experience with sports, clubs, future connections at your fingertips, etc?
  2. If you and your boyfriend are meant to be, nothing, not even 4 hours, would be able to effect the relationship and bond you two have built. The distance would be a testament to the strength and love you have found in each other.
  3. From someone who has experienced freshman year, I can honestly say, IT FLIES BY, and with more than 3 breaks, it almost seems you are home more than you are at school. Family can visit on parents weekend and on weekends when you are feeling homesick, because in reality 4 hours really isnt that far away.
  4. YOU ARE WORTH SO MUCH, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, SMART, DRIVEN, AND ONE OF THE MOST GENUINE PEOPLE I HAVE EVER KNOWN, and I know you would be an amazing asset to the U of P undergraduate class. Don’t let being scared of what you are leaving behind, stop you from fulfilling and pursuing your dreams.

Emily, its been in your plan to go to college since you were little. Not everyone is as fortunate as you, and not everyone is granted a full scholarship to the University of their choice. I WISH I had received a full ride to Cuse, I got a small scholarship and am grateful for the little bit of tuition my family doesn’t have to pay, but you, you have it all sitting their right in front of you, SO GRAB IT.

The idea of living alone, far from your loved ones, is a really scary thought, but I know you are worth every dime that University is throwing at you. GIVE THEM A RUN FOR THEIR MONEY, SHOW THEM WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF, Please Em, don’t sell yourself short, don’t take the short road when you have potential of SO MUCH MORE. I am very proud of your accomplishments and am soooo excited for you and your graduation. I just worry that you will regret not going to U of P if you choose the life you are living now, over the life that is waiting for you in the future. I know if on May 1st, you choose to go to U of P, you wont regret it. I love you so muchhhh cousin!!!!!! You make everyone around you so proud. Really take the time to think about this serious decision, and don’t short change yourself. XOXOXO miss you (I want to visit very sooon.. ) ❤ always and forever,



My whole life I imagined myself living in a small town, on a farm once I established myself as an artist. A lot of my cousins talk about living in the BIG CITY when they grow up, being in the center of such a fast paced culture is appealing to a lot of people. I never felt the urge to live in New York City until my most recent trip where I visited the MET. I grew up in the National Galleries in DC, visiting all the museums and landmarks regularly. I never appreciated these places until I started becoming serious about art. The MET is a museum I had always dreamt of visiting. I’ve learnt about a lot of the paintings and works of art exhibited in the galleries through classes and documentaries, but I hadn’t actually ever seen any of them in person. The MET has so many of the paintings Ive been drooling over for ages. I never appreciated landscapes until I saw The Heart of The Andes painting in the American Landscapes gallery. It was unbelievable in person- the detail was so exact, everything was crisp and perfect, it was as if I was staring at a photograph. I probably stood, staring at the painting for an hour. When I am in museums like the MET, I can’t help but feel like a chicken with my head cut off. There is so much to see, it’s a maze in there. I was running around making sure I hit the contemporary gallery, landscape, modern art, international, etc.  I had always wanted to see a Chuck Close painting in person – HOLY CANNOLI, its no lie that his pieces look exactly like photographs, its so perfect to the point of eeriness. I was blown away by artists like Giacometti and Matisse and Seurat and everyone else who I had grown up envying and admiring. I was upset at the allotted time I had to spend at the MET, I didn’t get to see nearly all the I wanted to see. Besides being at the MET, I also walked around Madison and park ave, checking out the stores and eating good food. I went inside the Betsey Johnson store and nearly dropped dead at her garment creations. I ate one of the best brownies I had ever tasted. I perused along the street, checking out all the art from the vendors hoping to make quick cash off of their prints and watercolors. I love the hustle and bustle of NYC, it makes me feel sane with the chaotic atmosphere. I almost cried when I left it felt so good to be in the city. It made me wonder if I wanted to live in NYC for a couple years when I was older in a studio apartment where I could make my art and sell it on the street like all the other artists do. NYC really is the center for contemporary culture, it is so alive and free, the artistic atmosphere is almost magical in a sense. I LOVE NYC!!!!

Deleted Photo Project


This past weekend, my mom, brother and cousin came to visit me. It was my cousin’s – a Syracuse wannabe since birth – first time up here; all the crazy fraternity day parties blew him away on Saturday afternoon that consumed Walnut Street. They arrived late on Friday and my cousin forced me to stay in my dorm room with him, instead of the nice hotel bed so that he could “experience a dorm for the first time.” I felt bad for not hearing of any parties or things going on, so instead we had some drannnnkkk in my room with one of my best friends Rebecca. This went on for a while and at 3 am; I was too tired to move. Rebecca was unable to get into her room, so she decided to stay in my roommate’s bed. Her phone was dead, so I let her use mine so that she could text her roommate. I guess I passed out, because when I woke up, she was gone, and so were all my contacts, texts, bbms, and saved data in my phone.


I was unsure of what happened or caused the wipe out of everything stored on my phone. I originally had a password that you had to enter in order to get into my phone and what I had assumed was that Rebecca put the wrong password in too many times – even though I told her a million times what my lock code was – and it ended up erasing everything. I wasn’t that upset, I hate technology and especially hate phones so it was a nice break, but I was upset that it had deleted my whole calendar that held all the times for my meetings and interviews coming up. So pretty much I had no more numbers for anyone, not even my parents, and I was supposed to meet up with people later on.


Although I used to be obsessed with the blackberry, this incident along with many others, have caused me to like the blackberry less and less each day. The font is too small, and there are too many gadgets that I don’t understand how to use.


My dad has the iphone, and I am convinced that the Iphone is the phone I am supposed to have. Touch screen is difficult for me, but I think I would get the hang of it if I played with it for a while. I am not sure why the iPhone is more appealing to me at the moment, but because we have Sprint, I could never have the iphone unless I switched to my dads At&t plan through his office, which I’m not even sure is allowed.


Phones have gotten to be so intricate and intense, it almost defeats the purpose of a phone for me. I think the phones are so crowded and accessible now, it creates a block in relationships due to constant texting, surfing the web and not listening to those around us because we are always too preoccupied with the latest App.

Boogie Monster

This weekend I contracted a horrible cold — which didn’t help during my long nights of partying with my cousin who was in town — and a lot of boogies that went along with it. I know I caught something from my best friend Morgan, who was also suffering from 24 hour nose blowing and sniffles. My medicine intake this weekend was off the charts, I probably popped a pill every hour to prevent even more sickness from coming. When complaining (which was normal for me), Morgan tried to lighten up the mood with a story from her childhood. It went like this:

“When I was younger, I used to get head colds a lot. I would blow my nose endlessly until sometimes my nose would start bleeding. I would check my tissues to see what color boogies I’d have because I knew that green ones were the worst. I never understood how green boogies came about, it was almost like someone tye-died the inside of my nose so that things came out of me funny colored. I convinced myself that there was a boy named the Boogie man. He would come into my room in the middle of the night with tiny, cut up, pieces of green construction paper. He would then put my clear boogies around the green paper and stuff it up my nose so that the next morning when I woke up, I’d have green boogies running down my cheeks. It freaked me out as a little girl, but now I know better than to believe that.”

Like I said, Morgan is my best friend. I love her for times like these, when she can turn a shitty situation into something to laugh about. What made it even funnier was that she had a wad of tissue hanging out of her nose as she spoke…..I guess the boogie man made a visit to room 623 last night.



Sketches for DOLLA DOLLA